How to Use Concrete Mixer?

Concrete mixer should be installed on a solid pedestal.When long-term fixed,embedded anchor bolts,wooden pillow should be on a stand and find lie flat and stable in the short-term use.

Problems in batching concrete batching plant

The mixing ratio of various materials is set in the concrete mixing station in advance, and it is automatically measured with small errors. But after all, it is just a machine and cannot be relied on

What is the specific operation method of the small drum concrete mixer?

The specific operation method of the small drum concrete mixer. Drum concrete mixer is mainly used for mixing plastic and semi-plastic concrete. It is a civil concrete mixer. Different from the steppe

What should I pay attention to when running a concrete mixer?

The normal operation of the concrete mixer is what every user wants to see,which requires users to pay attention to the following three aspects when using the mixer:

What industry is the concrete mixer used in?

Concrete mixer is a machine that mixes cement, sand and gravel aggregates and water and mixes them into concrete mixtures. The mixer is mainly used for on-site mixing in the construction industry, and the concrete mixed by the mixing equipment is transported to the place where the concrete is used by the mixer truck.

How to maintain the concrete mixer?

Regularly carry out the maintenance and maintenance operations of the items specified in the maintenance regulations, such as cleaning, lubricating, refueling, etc.
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